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Members' Meeting

President’s Invitation

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward once again to as many of you as possible attending this year’s members’ meeting and general assembly. The meeting will take place on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 November 2019 at The Runnymede Hotel – the same venue as in previous years.

This will be the first year that we will be welcoming Russell Patten to the meeting as Secretary General. Among many other things, there will be the opportunity to hear his and the EPDA Board’s plans and ambitions for the future, and I know there are important times ahead for all of us.

This year there are exciting plans afoot to make the EPDA annual meeting a little more lighthearted and fun. Having listened to your feedback we will be introducing some exercise sessions during the meeting to help people feel more mobile. Of course, we will ensure the meeting remains relevant and informative for you, and we plan to cover topics such as clinical trials, technology and research. We will also make sure there is plenty of time for formal and not-so-formal workshops sessions that give you crucial time to network with your colleagues.

As ever, the final session on Friday morning will be the annual General Assembly. However, this year it will be exclusive to our members for the first time. This decision came as a result of your feedback, which the EPDA Board entirely agrees with.

Speaking of the General Assembly, the EPDA will be looking for a number of new Board members as of November 2020. At this time, myself and Susanna Lindvall will be stepping down from the EPDA Board after many years’ service. At the end of May we will be sending you a special members’ e-newsletter with more details about this call for nominations – so please do keep an eye out. We hope to receive lots of nominations from our members to become Board observers in November 2019, with a view to being formally elected in November 2020.

The EPDA Board also looks forward once again to seeing many of our funding partners join us at this year’s meeting. The treatment industry are – and always has been – vital EPDA partners and crucial Parkinson’s stakeholders, and we thank them for their continued support.

Can you please complete the registration form and email it back to Please do this as soon as you can so we can ensure that hotel accommodation is secured for you at The Runnymede Hotel.

The deadline for registrations is Friday 20 September 2019.

The EPDA Board and team look forward with great pleasure to sharing an exciting and informative couple of days with you all.

Warm regards

Knut-Johan Onarheim

EPDA President

Please download and complete the registration form using the link below and email it to


Draft Members' Meeting Agenda

Thursday 14 November 2019

The Runnymede Hotel
Windsor Road, Egham, TW20 0AG
00 44 1784 220600
Contact person: Natalie Levenhagen – 00 44 7962 062978

Timings 11.00 - 18.00 followed by dinner Contact/Leader
11.00 Start of registration Natalie Levenhagen, EPDA Secretariat
12.00 Lunch served in the Leftbank Restaurant Natalie Levenhagen
13.00 Start of Members' Meeting, Welcome Address and points of order Knut-Johan Onarheim, EPDA President
13.05 Interactive exercise session – practical explanation by Josefa and practical exercise explained by Catarina

Josefa Domingos and Catarina Godinho

13.35 Introduction to the two Panel discussions – setting the scene and what we want to achieve

Moderator: Susanna Lindvall, EPDA Board member


Panel discussion 1: Clinical trials

Panel discussion including representative from MJFF Sohini Chowdhury and 2 other organisations to be confirmed
Moderator: Susanna Lindvall
15.00 Refreshments Natalie Levenhagen

Panel discussion 2: The shortage/supply of medicines

Panel discussion including representative from 2 to 3 organisations to be confirmed
Moderator: Susanna Lindvall

Summary of the day and opportunity for questions

Russell Patten, EPDA Secretary General
17.20 Close and thanks Knut-Johan Onarheim
17.30 - 18.00 Interactive exercise session Catarina Godinho

Dinner, entertainment & dancing

(private room at the hotel)
Host: Russell Patten

Draft Members' Meeting Agenda

Friday 15 November 2019

The Runnymede Hotel
Windsor Road, Egham, TW20 0AG
00 44 1784 220600
Contact person: Natalie Levenhagen – 00 44 7962 062978

Timings 09.00 - 11.00 Contact/Leader
09.00 Welcome Knut-Johan Onarheim
09.05 Exercise session Catarina Godinho
09.30 Members' Workshops – topics to be decided based on Members’ input which will be gathered before the meeting Dominic Graham, EPDA Operations Director
10.30 Updates from Members (to be agreed prior to the meeting due to shortage of time) Russell Patten
11.00 End of the Members' Meeting and refreshments Natalie Levenhagen

Annual General Meeting 2019 Draft Agenda*

Only open to EPDA Members, Friday 15 November 2019

The Runnymede Hotel
Windsor Road, Egham, TW20 0AG
00 44 1784 220600
Contact person: Natalie Levenhagen – 00 44 7962 062978

*The following is a draft agenda to be finalised by mid-October when additional papers to support the discussions/vote will be posted on the EPDA website for your information and review – Members will be notified.

Timings 11.30 - 13.30 Contact/Leader
11.30 EPDA President's statement (5') Knut-Johan Onarheim, EPDA President

EPDA's 2018 Financial Report (5')

Papers can be viewed here and we ask that if you have any questions in advance to forward them to the Treasurer who will provide a written answer prior to the meeting

Lizzie Graham, Board member and Treasurer

EPDA 2019-2020 Secretary-General Strategic Report (10’)

Russell Patten, EPDA Secretary General

EPDA 2019-2020 Operational Activities Report (10’)

Dominic Graham, EPDA Operations Director
12.00 EPDA Statutes update, discussion and vote (10') Russell Patten
12.20 Discussion and vote on Board members' selection process (20') Russell Patten
12.40 Discussion and vote on EPDA membership status (20') Russell Patten
13.00 Discussion and vote on co-opting members to the Board (20') Russell Patten

Elections of Board members (5'):

  1. Paula Gilmore as Board member for 2020-2023
  2. "Observer" members for 2020
Russell Patten
13.25 Closing remarks and thanks Knut-Johan Onarheim
13.30 Lunch will be served in the Leftbank Restaurant Natalie Levenhagen


If you require local trasport please see Venue, travel and accommodation  

Natalie Levenhagen

Documents for the Members' Meeting

Venue, travel and accommodation

Thursday 14 November – Friday 15 November 2019

Overnight accommodation will be booked for everyone in accordance with the requests on the registration form submitted.

Breakfast at the Hotel
Breakfast will be served from 06.45 in the Leftbank Restaurant.

When booking your flights or other modes of transport, please ensure that you take into account the start and finish times of the meeting and ensure that you are able to attend the whole event.

Hotel Details
The Runnymede on Thames
Windsor Road, Egham
Surrey, UK

Visit the Hotel website

If you are arriving into Heathrow Airport, the easiest and most cost effective option is to pre book a car. A company that we have used and can recommend is Gemini Cars. It is very easy to pre-book following this link The cost will be approximately GBP 20.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that if you take a black cab from Heathrow Airport the cost can double and could be in excess of GBP 40.00. So please try to organize your taxi by pre-booking with Gemini Cars (see paragraph above). If you need any help please contact

If you are arriving by train the closest train station is Egham, which is on the South West train link out of Waterloo main line station. The hotel is located approximately 5 minute’s drive and 20 minute’s walk from the station. Gemini Cars are located opposite the station.

Registration terms and conditions

  • All delegates are required to complete the registration form and return it to by Friday 20 September
  • Upon receipt of the registration form, an invoice for the fees applicable – including payment instructions will be emailed to you.
  • Please ensure that payment is made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
  • An additional €11.5 (GBP 10.00) will be added to the total fees to allow for bank charges.
  • Please note we can only accept bank transfers.
  • Registration fees must be paid by Friday 11 October to guarantee your place.

If you do not receive an invoice or you have any queries, please contact Natalie Levenhagen (

Cancellation charges

Should it be necessary to cancel your registration or you do not arrive, the following charges will apply to accommodation and events booked on your behalf:

  • 50% – From completion of registration form until Monday 2 September
  • 75% From Tuesday 3 September to Monday 14 October
  • 100%  Tuesday 15 October onwards
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